Faith Lutheran Youth (FLY) is for youth in grades 7-12.   FLY is not just for church members but is open to any community member who wants to come and hear about God’s love.  We meet once a month for an activity and occasionally for events with the Alaska Conference Youth Board (ACYB), which is comprised of other LCMS churches in Alaska.  Our Mission is to grow in our relationship with God and others, spread God’s love, and serve others.

Suggested Reading

Reading audience:  Middle School

Author Title Topics/Comments
Orson Scott Card Ender’s Game, Series Science fiction — boy saves the world through video game & following.  Not like the movie.  
Mildred Taylor Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Series Story about Jim Crow laws and racism in the South.  Violence — good conversation starters about the historical time
Katie Lea Yates The Provider, The Prior Fantasy Fiction- girl finds herself able to jump into the pictures she draws and discovers she has powers, and had a 150 year old mystery to solve.



Reading audience:  High School

Author Title/series Topics/Comments
Ted Dekker Circle Series Time travel and end of time
Steven James Any FBI agent against various killers.  Pretty dark, dealing with evil and main character trying to decide.

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