Faith Christian Preschool is still accepting registrations for the 2020-2021 school year.  We have openings in both the morning and afternoon classes.  Morning classes are 2 days a week from 8:00-11:00 for students 3 and 4 years old.  Afternoon classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays (with an optional Friday morning class) from 11:45-2:45 for children ages 4 and 5, heading into Kindergarten the following year.  The cost is $185 a month for two days a week and $275 if the optional Friday class is added. Please call the church office for more information. You can also email our director at [email protected] 

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Faith Christian Preschool assists families in providing a safe HAVEN:

H= Humor and hope
A= Affection and Appreciation
V=Value and Values
E= Exploration and Education
N= Nurture in His Name
Mission Statement explained:

Humor and Hope– with play and laughter we build a foundation in Christ for the future
Affection and Appreciation– recognizing God’s love for us; we show that love to overs, appreciating each person’s unique God-given abilities
Value and Values– we value each person as God’s precious gift and strive to teach values based on God’s Biblical truth
Exploration and Education– Together we explore the world that God made; learning and teaching jointly, children and adults.
Nurture in His Name– Feeding the mind, we seek to feed the spirit was well. In all things we gain strength and purpose from Him, for which we praise his Name.

Faith Christian Preschool Philosophy

We at Faith Christian Preschool are vessels used by God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, namely His love, forgiveness and salvation. Our congregation and our church body, the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod, have always emphasized education as a prime ingredient in our mission.  It is our approach to teaching- an approach centered in Jesus- which we believe makes Faith Christian Preschool special.  Because of this perspective, children are seen as unique and special gifts of God and are treated with love and respect. This is done in a natural, gentle, caring way by our dedicated staff.  We are NOT a pushy or aggressive preschool, trying to make all children Lutherans.  However, we will not teach anything with which we as Lutherans do not agree.  We see ourselves as partners with parents in children rearing, and we respect other Christian traditions and experiences


  • Facilities- to assure the parent and to strengthen the child, it is our objective to provide a safe, enjoyable environment
  • Staff- We provide a trained, competent staff of caring professionals to accomplish these objectives
  • Religious Instruction- We Strive:
    • To share basic Christianity with each student in a caring gentle manner
    • To minister to the whole child including the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development
    • To provide a setting in which the child and family can grow in understanding their relationship to the Triune God
    • To help the child to learn to love and serve others
    • To help the child praise and worship God for his many blessings
  • Social Development- We strive:
    • To provide an opportunity to experience the joy of learning and discovery
    • To help prepare the child for kindergarten
    • To help the child develop social and interpersonal skills with adults and peers
    • To encourage the child to try new and different experiences
    • To Encourage the child to respect limits set in a classroom situation.
  • Academic Development- We Strive:
    • To ease the transition for the child from home life to school life
    • To provide a variety of experiences in language arts, art, music, math and science
    • To assist the parents in understanding and appreciating the unique gifts and abilities of their child

Note to Parents: To families with no church home, or those looking for a new church home, we extend a heartfelt welcome.  Many non-Christian families have grown to appreciate our Christian love and caring for their children.

  • We are more than a day care
  • We are more than a secular school teaching only academic and social skills to children
  • We are a Christian Preschool aiding parents in all aspects of rearing their children, including the religious and moral.  Parents can be assured of a totally safe and loving atmosphere for their children.  All staff and volunteers are subject to a police and background check.