LWML stands for Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. This is a synod wide organization with our local chapter. Their relationship is primarily because of a service, task, role, or position they fulfill.  They focus on service projects, missionary and mission support, and providing meals for member families as needed

Church Properties Committee

The church properties committee helps to maintain and fix the physical building and properties of the church. We have a few sub groups that are umbrellaed under this committee.

Church Gardens

We love having our flower garden at the front of the church, but we need help maintaining the perennials and pulling weeds. This is a great way to help beautify the outside of the church.

Parish Activities

Our Parish Activities group is a great group to serve on if you love food and/or hospitality. As Lutherans we love to eat and love to feed you, not only with the word of God but with delicious food. Parish Activities helps plan all our great meals and potlucks that Faith puts on. We are always in need of hands to help and fresh ideas!

Care Share

Under the umbrella of Parish Activities is our Care Share program. This is one great way we can all serve each other on Sunday Mornings. Care Share is a weekly sign up to help with worship and fellowship. Anyone can sign up to help but typically we choose months in which our families will each serve. The areas of service needed are Readers (reading the Old Testament and Epistle lessons during worship), Greeters, Ushers, Running the Power Point, Running live stream camera (Or recording the sermon), and of course providing some snacks between worship and Bible class.

Special Meals

We put on a lot of meals around this church and needs a lot of help. After all, many hands make light work. If you have a love of cooking or helping in the kitchen, or even just help with setting up tables and decorations, we can use you!

Crafters Group

Our lovely ladies (men are welcome still of course), love to get together and craft their items. If you love to do any types of crafts or want to learn the art of knitting, quilting, crocheting or more, please consider joining us.

Worship Help

Aside from those jobs listed under care share, we have a few additional groups you can be a part of to help with our worship experience. If you have a special musical talent, we would love to see you use your talents by helping lead worship or sharing special music with the congregation.

Altar Guide

The Altar Guide is in charge of making sure the Altar is set up for worship. They make sure the parament colors are correct for the season of the church year and most importantly, get the communion ware set up for service. We also need a few extra people to help with this important service. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, we can teach you!

Offering Counters

Following Sunday morning worship, we need two people to help with counting the offering. If we have several people who can help, you only have to do it on occasion.

Bulletin Assembly

Bulletins are printed on Friday mornings and help is always appreciated with assembling them. If this is a way you would like to help the church office, please let us know.

Education/Bible Study Groups

We offer several different areas of both service and discipleship throughout the school year

Sunday School Teacher

We love our children and want them to know how much God loves them. During the school year, we offer Sunday School classes for children ages 3 and up. We are always looking for some people who love God and love children to help teach the children of our church. Whether you want to teach each Sunday, partner up with another teacher or are just willing to serve as a substitute when needed, we want you!

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

Each Sunday, during the Sunday School hour, we invite you to join us for Adult Bible Class

Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study

On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, we invite all men to join us for food both for the body and the soul. Each week, a different man who is part of the group will provide breakfast for the men in attendance starting at 9AM. Then Bible study will follow at 9:30AM. Please check with the church office for when we start this up again.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

We plan to having a Wednesday evening Adult Bible Class during the school year, with breaks for Advent and Lent.

Adult Instruction Class

For those wanting to know more about the Christian faith and what it means to be a Lutheran, we invite you to join us on Thursday evenings for our Life with God class. Whether you are new to the faith or are a long time Lutheran, you are welcome!