So it’s almost 1 in the morning and Miranda is writing a great blog about all we did today. But she’s not done so I’m sending her to bed to finish it up tomorrow. Tomorrow is worship with communion with 25,000 other people! Wow! Can̵read more

Hey y’all we had another awesome day at NYG! Instead of starting the day off with a bible study, we did our servant event. The servant event is where we go and bus to a place to help the residents that came back after hurricane Katrina. We split intread more

Tiday started with sell and Keei waking up extra early to go in a 5K with other gathering participants down the streets on NOLA. After they were done we all went to breakfast together at our hotel, where we had grits and biscuits and gravy and more! Afterread more

The kick off to the gathering the the Mass Event. While we missed regular registration, we were able to get into the dome this evening to join the other 25,000 youth and adults for worship, skits, speaker and more. Our speaker tonight was Shanna Decker. Sread more

Today was travel day! Miranda and Gretchen got up extra early to catch our 5am flight to Seattle. We weren’t the only ones up early because Ellie and Keri had to catch a flight from Spokane. Luckily they caught an earlier flight as their original flread more

After a quick stop at Target for a few necessary and not so necessary items, we checked in a Beautiful Savior for the night. Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse where neither of us had steak.  Now we are settled in and ready for a quick sleep before wakingread more