Pastor Heidorn’s sermon for today focused on our Bible Readings this week (and part of last week) with Amos and Hosea. He also spoke on Romans 8 which was part of the readings for last week and happened to be our epistle lesson for today. This song from Steve Curtis Chapman is based on that […]

LSB #651 “I Love Your Kingdom, Lord” Verse 1 I love Your kingdom, Lord, The place of Your abode, The Church our blest Redeemer saved With His own precious blood. Verse 2 Beyond my highest joy I prize its heav’nly ways, Its sweet communion, solemn vows, Its hymns of love and praise. Verse 3 I […]

Pastor Heidorn’s encouragement for today is from Psalm 18 and we wanted to share this song with you. You can view Pastor Heidorn’s message below the song.

LSB #965 “God Bless our Native Land” Verse 1 God bless our native land; Firm may she ever stand Through storm and night. When the wild tempests rave, Ruler of wind and wave, Do Thou our country save By Thy great might. Verse 2 So shall our prayers arise To God above the skies; On […]

Today’s chosen hymn is more on the contemporary worship side of music, an old camp song for many. The words, however, come from David’s song of deliverance in 2 Samuel chapter 22.