Our ministries for adults have two objectives:

  • Receive the love of God for our benefit.
  • Share the love of God for our neighbor’s benefit.

To this end, we have a Men’s Breakfast Bible study, a Ladies’ Bible study, an occasional book club, and service groups like LWML and FridayCrafting/Sewing Group.  We also encourage the congregation to be active in the community loving our neighbor as ourselves, so we have folks involved in the Food Bank, Rotary Club, the Garden Club, the Shorebird Festival, the Pregnancy Care Center, athletics and fitness, the arts, and much more. Please join us or ask for more information.  235-7600.

For those unable to attend worship on Sunday mornings we suggest https://worshipanew.org/ or https://www.lutheranhour.org/

Ministry Opportunities

Groups to help us worship God, serve others, and live life together in Christ

This is a group of any size who does Bible study together; limited term or ongoing. Groups of this type include:

Ladies’ Bible Study –11 a.m. every other Saturday, at church.  – BJ Hitchcock  235-1265

Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study –9 a.m., every other, opposite ladies Saturday, at church. –John Baker 299-2152

Sunday Morning Bible Study – 11:15 am at church, most Sundays Sept. through May

This is a group whose relationship is primarily because of a service, task, role, or position they fulfill; any size or meeting interval. Groups of this type include:

Worship Committee –Work with Pastor to select music for church services and to schedule musicians

Bulletin Assembly Team – Fridays and as needed in the church office –April Dixon 235-7600

Altar Guild –Preparing Holy Communion and altar care for Sunday’s service. Can be done Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday morning –April Dixon 235-7600

Care Share – Helping with Sunday morning worship and fellowship.  Includes Greeters, Ushers, Acolytes, Lectors, Projector Operator, and Snack Providers –April Dixon 235-7600

Sunday Morning Musician – Accompanist for the service. Could be pianist, organist, acoustic guitarist or another instrument at the discretion of the church leadership.  –Gretchen 235-7600

Offering Counters – Weekly recording of offerings –April Dixon 235-7600

Nursery – Provide childcare on Sunday mornings –April Dixon 235-7600

Parish Activities Committee – provide meals and make arrangements for congregation activities, provide meals for funerals –Carol Clark 235-8438

Friday Craft Group – Fridays at 10 a.m. – Make quilts for missionary work and congregational events, work on personal projects together, visit –April Dixon 235-7600

Gardeners–Taking care of flowers inside and outside the church building, April Dixon 235-7600

Grass Cutters – Taking care of the church grounds -Merlin Cordes 299-0303

Church Properties Committee – Care for church building and church property –Merlin Cordes 299-0303