What we teach…..
About the Bible
We believe the Bible is the Living Word of God. It provides direction, encouragement, hope, and above all, the knowledge that we are saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We encourage daily Bible reading and will gladly provide a Bible if needed.
About God
We believe that God is the Creator of all things. He continuously provides all our needs and cares for us all of our days. He is the ultimate authority in life and always works to our benefit.
About Jesus
We believe that Jesus is the Saviour of the World. He came because we were disobedient to God, yet God wanted to have a relationship with us. Jesus gave His life on the cross that we could be restored to a right relationship with God and be with Him eternally. Jesus is our best friend.
About the Holy Spirit
We believe in the Holy Spirit who creates faith in us through God’s Word and Sacraments.
About the Trinity
We believe that the three persons of the Trinity; God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are coequal and co-eternal, one God, not three.
About Salvation
We believe that salvation is a free gift of God through Jesus Christ. We cannot earn salvation by what we do, nor do we deserve salvation, even if we are good people. God comes to us and makes us His own.
About Relationships
We believe that relationships are very important. The most important life relationship is with Christ Jesus. After that the most important relationships are with family and friends. We are here to help you in your relationships and we pray that we might be numbered among your friends.

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